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Tom Turkey, Kick the Can

Materials Needed

  • an empty soda can
  • some chalk
  • This fun Thanksgiving game is a variation of the classic Kick the Can game. All you will need to play it is an empty soda can and some chalk.


    To start off the game, draw a large chalk circle in the center of the play area. Then choose one player who will be “it.” The object of the game for the “it” player is to keep the empty soda can, which is to represent Tom Turkey, within this chalk circle at all times while every other player tries to sneak up on him or her and free Tom.

    The “it” player must set the can in the center of the chalk circle and cover their eyes, counting to one hundred. (If they count fast; if not, the count can be a lower number.) While the “it” player counts, all the other players are to try and hide. Once the count is up, the “it” player’s job is to then seek out the other players and tag them, eliminating them from the game.

    Whoever the “it” player tags must stop right where they were tagged until the game ends. If one of the players is able to reach the can and kick it, they are to shout out “T.” The can is then placed back in to the center of the circle and the game must begin again with the “it” player counting and the other players all hiding. The second time a player is able to kick the can, they are to shout out “O.” The game continues until Tom the Turkey’s name is spelled out; T-O-M. Then a new “it” player is chosen.

    In order for the “it” player to win, they must succeed in preventing the can from being kicked for three rounds.