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A Tray Full of Memories

Materials Needed

  • 15-20 small items relate to love or weddings
  • A tray
  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Finding items for your tray might sound like a challenge, but it really is a lot easier than it seems. It is not about finding the perfect items to include. The fun is testing the guests’ memory so any little thing that relates to love or marriage works perfectly.


    This memory game has been popular at bridal showers for many year which makes it an excellent choice for your event. It can also make it hilarious when you play the Surprise Twist Version since guests that are familiar with the game will be caught completely off guard.

    The Setup: On a large tray place 15-20 small items related to love and weddings. Some possible items to include would be an invitation to this bridal shower, a red rose, a garter belt, a small scented candle, a game sheet from a game you played earlier, a cupcake, a costume diamond ring, or a wine cork. Get creative and fill the tray up with items.

    The Rules: Bring out your tray and place it somewhere that the guests can crowd around and examine it. Allow them five minutes to study the items on the tray while you answer questions about the acceptable answers for each item. For example, if you have a red rose on the tray specify if you will allow “flower” or “rose” as a correct answer or if they have to write “red rose”. Once the time is up take the tray to another room and pass out pens and paper. Give the bridal shower guests five minutes to list as many of the items on the tray as they can recall. When the time has expired bring the tray back into the room so the guests can check their answers. Each correct item is one point, the person with the most points is the winner.

    Surprise Twist Version (optional): Do the setup of the tray just like the standard version of the game, but have the bride bring the tray out to the bridal shower. When she enters with the tray suggest that the guests might want to pay attention to the bride because they will be tested on their memory later, but do not specifically mention that it will be the items on the tray they should be studying. The guests will naturally start examining the tray.

    After five minutes have the bride leave with the tray and not return. Give the guests pens and paper and let them in on the twist. The challenge is not the items on the tray but about the bride and what she is wearing. Ask a series of questions like: What color is her nail polish, How many rings or bracelets is she wearing, Is she wearing flats or heels, How many buttons does her blouse have, Does she have anything in her hair? After around ten questions have the bride return so the guests can see if their answers were correct. The person with the most accurate answers is the winner.