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Valentine Heart Hunt

Materials Needed

  • construction paper cut in the shape of hearts(at least 8 per kid)
  • enough bags for baskets for each team to have one
  • (optional) candy, chocolate or small prizes equal in number to your hearts
  • (optional) colored markers, glitter, scissors, glue, more colored construction paper
  • This is a party game that you will not have to spent too much time explaining to the kids. It is a Valentine’s Day version of an Easter egg hunt and most kids are quite familiar with how it works.


    This is a simple game with a couple of optional variations. The basics are cut hearts out of red construction paper and hide them when the children and unable to watch. Then give all kids bags/baskets or break them up into teams and turn them loose. Whoever finds the most hearts wins and gets a prize.

    Add a Craft

    Pre-cut the hearts for the children and provide colored markers, glue, glitter, scissors and colored construction paper and let the kids decorated the hearts. Encourage them to let their creativity flow and award prizes for the best hearts.

    Add Some Loot

    If you want to raise the stake a little bit for the kids, number each heart and assign an a small prize from a prize pool to each number. Once the hearts are collected the kids can turn them in for the sweets, Valentine stickers or small toys associated with the numbered hearts they found.

    Once finished the kids can take the hearts home with them, trade them with other kids, or you can allow them to use the markers again and personalize the hearts to use as Valentine gifts for parents, siblings, family members and friends.