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Valentine Relay Race

Materials Needed

  • A heart for each kid with an action written on it.
  • A great Valentine game to lead off with at a kids party. The Valentine Relay Race is sure to get the children excited and their blood pumping.


    Cut hearts out of red construction paper, making sure you have one for each child. On one side write out an action that can be performed while moving like walking backward or hopping like a bunny. Divide the kids up into two teams and have them line up on one side of the room. On the other side of the room place the action hearts with the action facing down in two pile, one pile for each team.

    Countdown “1, 2, 3, GO!” and the first kid in each line runs to their stack of action hearts and reads the top one. That child then returns to his or her team performing the action written on the card. Upon return the first child slaps hands with the next child in the line and then sits down. The second kid then runs to get the next heart in the pile and performs that action back to his or her team. The process is repeated until one team works all the way through the line. The first team to finish is declared the winner and awarded a small prize.

    -With a smaller number of kids you can have them work through the the line twice(or more) before declaring the winner.
    -If you have an odd number of kids then put on your comfortable shoes and take a turn yourself to even the teams out.
    -With younger kids you might consider having an adult stand next to the hearts in case one of the children has trouble reading the action.

    Actions might include:

    Hop like a bunny
    Crawl like a baby
    Hop on your left foot
    Hop on your right foot
    Walk backwards
    Crawl like a crab
    Turn in circles