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Valentine Scrabble

Materials Needed

  • a traditional Scrabble board game
  • Almost everyone knows how to play Scrabble, so this Valentine game will take very little time to explain and yet the small twist in the rules will provide many laughs and loads of Valentine fun for your party guests. Valentine Scrabble works best with a group of 3-5 couples.


    Set up a traditional Scrabble board game and divide into couples who will plays as a team. The rules of Valentine Scrabble are almost exactly the same as normal Scrabble except that all words used must be romantic in some way. This is easy with words like love or crush, but what about other words that are not so obviously romantic?

    If a couple places a word that you are not sure can be romantic in nature any of the other couples can challenge that the word is indeed romantic. At that point one of the members of the team placing the word must look into the eyes of their teammate and use the word in a romantic sentence or at least suggestive sentence. For example if the word is “tree” you might allow, “I’d like to climb you like a tree”. The justifications for the words become as fun as the game itself as the couples both struggle to find words and use them in a properly romantic way. Keep score and award a prize to the winning couple.

    -Optionally you can also award prizes to the couple with most creative or funniest justifications for their words. Remember the fun is more important than the winning.