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Wedding Couple Improv

Materials Needed

  • An improv scenario for each team, plus a few more
  • Most bridal shower games can be played at coed/couples bridal showers, but games specifically designed for both men and women usually work best. Wedding Couple Improv is a game that works well for both guys and girls by design.


    Put the soon to be married couple in the front row for these performances that poke fun at them. That way there is no place for them to hide as their friends and family imitate them in touchy situations.

    The Setup: Come up with improv scenarios where the guests will be portraying the bride and groom. If possible, use real situations from when the couple was dating, but you can also use generic couple scenarios like:

    -At the end of a dinner date the groom realizes he left his wallet at home.
    -The bride has finally had it with the toilet seat being left up.
    -It is Christmas, visit the bride’s family or the groom’s family?
    -The couple discusses who gets to hold the television remote.
    -Groom wants to stay home and watch a sporting event, bride want them to go shopping.
    -The couple watch the bride’s favorite movie, the groom has never seen it and is bored to tears.
    -Bride or groom tries to convince their spouse that their mother should visit for a month.

    Once you have one for each team, come up with a few more as backups or a tie-breaker round(if needed) and put them all in a bowl. Finally, break the wedding shower guests up into teams of two, with a man and a women on each team.

    The Rules: The teams draw a scenario from the bowl and have 60 seconds to do their imitation of the bride and groom in that situation. They key is for the performers to do their best to imitate the voice, accent, speech pattern, gestures, over-used phrase and personality of the couple. They can even adjust their hair, clothing or makeup to look more like the couple. After every performance the bride and groom each give the duo a score of 1-10, the scores are totaled and once every team has had a turn the one with the highest score wins.

    Tie-breaker: If there should be a tie for the top score, use those extra scenarios to have a bonus round. The teams that tied each get one more shot, the highest score wins.