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Who’s Resolution?

Materials Needed

  • pens
  • Paper
  • A bowl
  • On December 31st it is easy to make a New Year’s Resolution, it is the keeping it that is the hard part. Quiz your guests to see if they can guess what resolutions your other party guests are making.


    Resolutions are what a person wants to change about themselves or their lives. Learning the resolutions that other people are making spices up your New Year’s Eve party as the guest socialize and learn more about each other.

    The Set Up: Give each of your guests a small piece of paper and a pen. Have them write down their resolution for the new year, keeping it hidden from the other guests. Ask them to omit any specific information from their resolution that would make the guessing easy, for example instead of “I resolve to spend more time with my wife Brenda” they should write “I resolve to spend more time with my spouse.” Once they are done, gather up the resolutions, put them in a bowl and give each of the guests a clean sheet of paper.

    The Rules: Pull a resolution from the bowl and label it as #1. Read the first resolution out loud and instruct your party guests to mark it as #1 and write down which guest they think made that resolution. Continue with the process for #2, #3, etc… until you have read them all and all guests have completed their answers.

    Now go back to the first resolution and reread it to the group. The person who wrote it should reveal themselves as the author and give a short explanation as to why they picked that as their resolution. Anyone who accurately picked the right person gets one point and the game continues. Once you have finished with them all the person who has the most points is the winner.