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Bloody Mary Photo Op

Materials Needed

  • a candle
  • a lighter or matches
  • a dark bathroom with a mirror
  • a camera
  • The classic Bloody Mary game has been passed down through word of mouth for generations. There are many different versions of the rules to the game but the basics remain the same: dark, mirror, repeat “Bloody Mary”, hope nothing else happens.


    The Bloody Mary game is traditionally preceded by a horrific tale of the origins of how Mary was trapped in the mirror. There are countless different versions of the tale but the most popular is the story of Mary Worth.

    Many years ago Mary Worth was found guilty of being a witch by the members of her small town in England. Instead of simply killing her for her supposed crimes they forced her to look at her herself in a mirror while they slowly killed her through a series of small cuts so that she would have to look upon the shame of her actions as she died. After this torture had gone on for hours her father broke through the people killing his daughter and stabbed her in the heart to end her suffering but by doing so trapped her soul in the mirror. Mary waits in the mirror hoping that someone who truly believes in her will one day call her soul from the mirror so that she can move on to the afterlife.

    Two people go into a bathroom that has had its windows completely covered so no light can get through and they shut the door. They turn the water on in the sink just a little bit so that there is a steady dripping sound. One person lights a candle, turns off the light and holds the candle in one hand and touches the mirror with the other hand. The second person stands behind first with a camera focused on their reflection in the mirror. Both people look into the mirror and chant “Bloody Mary” slowly thirteen times. After the last chant the person with the camera snaps a picture(or multiple pictures if the camera is capable) of the two of them in the mirror.

    Once all guests that wish to participate have had a turn in the bathroom, go through the pictures and look for orbs of light or ghostly images.