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Classic Bobbing for Apples

Materials Needed

  • Tub of water or kiddie pool
  • Lots of Apples
  • Towels or Napkins
  • A classic game that’s has been well played and still a big hit! All you need is a few apples, a tub of water and some guests willing to have a laugh and maybe get a bit wet.


    Fill a large plastic or metal tub with water, usually 2/3 or more of the way filled is best so the apples can “bob” around. Add 5 or more apples to the water and have your guests try to grab an apple out with just their mouth… no hands.

    You can play one of 3 ways.

    Just For Fun: Each player gets a turn until they grab an apple, no winner is declared, but fun is had by all, especially the people watching the game!

    Individually: Let each player go one at a time and use a stopwatch to time them. The fastest time for getting an apple wins.

    If you have a larger tub (a kiddie pool is perfect for this), you can play it as a group.

    Group: Have all the players take a spot around the pool, make sure you fill it with enough apples so everyone has a good chance, and start them off. “Ready, Set, Go!” and the first player to get an apple wins.

    This game can get kind of wet, so make sure you have towels or napkins handy to help the kids dry off with. Also, as with any game with water, adult supervision is needed and not recommended for very young kids.