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Bridal Shower Detective

Materials Needed

  • 3x5 index cards
  • A bowl
  • Start your party with the guests mingling and getting to know each other with this clever icebreaker game.


    You are going to need the bride’s help to play Bridal Shower Detective so set up a time to meet with her before the shower and make sure you bring a complete guest list.

    The Setup: With the help of the bride, write one clue associated with each shower guest on a 3×5 index card. The clues should be related to the guest’s relationship with the bride. For example; Had lunch with the bride last Tuesday, Was the designated driver on the brides 21st birthday, Once gave the bride a puppy for Christmas.

    The Rules: When all of your guests have arrived give them each a clue and place a bowl on a table. It is their job to figure out which guest their clue describes within the 15 minute time limit. Let the detective work(and socializing) begin! If they think they know the answer, they write their name on the card along with the name of the person they think the clue describes and put the card in the bowl. When the time limit has expired the bride draws a random clue from the bowl and reads it aloud. If the answer is correct the person that solved that clue is the winner. If incorrect, she continues drawing clues until you have a winner.

    After the Game (optional): Have the bride continue picking clues from bowl and reading them to the guests. The bride or guest the clue is about can share the story that the clue describes. It is a great way for your shower guests to get to know each other better.