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DIY Love Story

Materials Needed

  • A clipboard
  • A piece of lined paper
  • A pen
  • What starts off as a true love story can take some unpredictable twists and turns. It is a good bet that your bridal shower DIY version of the love story of the happy couple will not end up being very accurate, but will be hilarious.

    The Setup: Across the top of a sheet of lined paper write a sentence describing where the bride and groom first met, for example: “Scott and Mandy met their freshman year at college”. Clip the game sheet onto a clipboard and provide a pen.

    The Rules: Let the guests know that the clipboard will be passed around and that each guest should read the previous line of the love story and add what happened next with their own line. After they have added a line, they fold down the top of the game sheet so that only the line they wrote is visible and reattach the paper to the clipboard for the next guest. The process continues until everyone has written one line of the love story at which point the entire DIY Love Story is read to the bridal shower.

    Share the Story (optional): After the bridal shower, type up the love story and share it with friends and family of the bride on Facebook or other social sites.