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Bridal Shower Pictionary

Materials Needed

  • A large dry erase board
  • Dry erase markers of several colors
  • A bowl
  • Slips of paper
  • Let your shower guests show off their artistic skills with the bridal shower version of the popular party game Pictionary.


    This classic bridal shower game should be familiar to almost all of your shower guest. That is a good thing since it will allow you to start the game with very little explanation and guests have a lot more fun playing games than listening to rules while learning a game.

    The Setup: Place a large dry erase board on a stand or the wall where everyone can see it and provide several different colors of dry erase makers. In a bowl put 25-30 folded slips of paper that each contains a unique wedding-related phrase. The phrases should be short, well know sayings or events related to weddings. For example:


    Will you marry me?
    Father/Daughter dance
    Tossing the bouquet
    Going to the chapel
    Cutting the cake
    Always a bridesmaid
    Best man speech
    Couple’s first dance
    Something old, something new
    You may kiss the bride

    Lastly, divide your guests into two teams.

    The Rules: Flip a coin to see which team will go first and the winning team selects one person to be their first artist. The artist takes a slip of paper from the bowl and attempts to draw an image that represents the wedding-related phrase on the dry erase board. The artist cannot write any words, speak or make gestures other than to point out elements of the drawing. Allow the team 60 seconds from the first mark the artist makes on the dry erase board to guess the phrase. If the team guess the right phrase within the time limit they are awarded one point. If there is no correct answer in 60 seconds the other team gets one guess, if correct they get one point. Alternate turns between the teams with a new artist each time, the first team with ten points is the winner.

    Prank the Bride (optional): Instead of the real wedding-related phrases, fill the bowl with slips of paper that all have something super simple written on them like “wedding dress”. Before the game starts, have an ally that is in on the prank call the bride into another room for a minute. When the bride is gone tell the shower guests about the prank, that she will get wedding dress as a phrase and no matter what she draws the guests(including the other team after 60 seconds) should guess anything except wedding dress.

    When the bride returns start the game and tell her that since she is the bride, she is the first artist. After 60 seconds of her team not guessing the right answer and the other team not being able to understand her drawings, tell her that was just bad luck and since she is the bride you will just start the game over and she should take a second phrase from the bowl. When she gets wedding dress a second time explain to her that that must be an mistake and she should pick a third phrase from the bowl. When she gets wedding dress a third time give her a few seconds to process what is going on then let her in on the prank. Once everyone has shared a good laugh, replace the fake phrases in the bowl with the real ones and play Bridal Shower Pictionary normally. Just make sure someone other than the bride goes first.