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Bride Said, Groom Said

Materials Needed

  • An interview with the bride
  • An interview with the groom
  • Printed quotes game sheet
  • Pens
  • (Optional) Video of the groom explaining his quotes
  • This icebreaker game is a great way for the bridal shower guests to get to know the bride and groom better while competing for a prize.


    The time invested in preparation for the Bride Said, Groom Said game not only pays off with your guests learning about the couple, but the bride might even learn something about the groom.

    The Setup: Before the shower, ask the bride and the groom a series of questions about their courtship and plans for married life. The questions can be about when they first met, their first date, when they knew they were in love, the proposal, meeting the future in-laws, how many kids they hope to have, who will be doing the cooking, or anything else you think will produce a heartwarming, funny, surprising or interesting quote for you to use.

    Select the best 12-15 quotes from the interviews, mix them up, and print them out on a game sheet with a blank space after the quote. For example:

    1. “The first time we kissed I knew I was in love.” __________________

    Make sure that you remove or edit any words that would give a clue to the author of the quote. For example if the pronoun “she” is used change it to “he or she” .

    The Rules: Pass out the game sheets with the quotes from the bride and groom. Give the shower guests ten minutes to read them and guess either ” bride said” or “groom said” in the blank space next to each quote. Once the time limit is up, reveal the answers and the guest with the most correct answers is the winner. After the game allow some time for the bride and shower guests to discuss the bride’s quotes and share any related stories.

    Groom’s Quotes Video (optional): Once you have picked the quotes you are going to use from the groom, print them out and give the groom a copy. Set up a video camera and record the groom reading the quotes and telling any related stories or fun tidbits about the quotes. Once the game has ended and the bride has had a chance to discuss her quotes, surprise the bridal shower by playing the video of the groom’s stories about the quotes.