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Scarecrow Building Contest

Materials Needed

  • Old clothes - shirts, pants, hats, gloves.. etc.
  • Straw or newspaper
  • Poles, broomsticks or chairs
  • Halloween and Autumn are just not the same without a creepy, funny, or just plain weird scarecrow to “welcome” guests. So why not get your guests in the Halloween mood and help you decorate for the party at the same time. Your guests will love the very old Halloween tradition of creating a scarecrow and the fun will be remembered for a long while.


    The object of the game is, of course, to build the best scarecrow. The type of scarecrow (scariest, funniest, most creative) is up to you.

    Break your guests up into teams of 4 or more. Have a pile of old clothes available with pants, overalls, shirts, hats, and other pieces of clothing for the players to use to build their scarecrow. Make sure to have enough choices of clothing, about 1-2 per team is good for variety (4 teams = 6-8 shirts, 6-8 pants… etc). You will also need to make sure that each team has a good supply of newspaper, or straw, to stuff their scarecrow with as well. If you want the scarecrows to stand you will need to supply the teams with broomsticks or poles, too, otherwise chairs for sitting scarecrows will be needed.

    Players are given a set amount of time, 15 minutes is usually good, to create the best scarecrow using the items you’ve given. You can have everyone vote on their favorites, you can make a single judge, or or if you prefer, let everyone be a winner and give every team an award for the “Best WHATEVER Scarecrow” (Such as “Best Dressed Scarecrow,” “Worst Posture Scarecrow”… just make it up as you see them).

    At the end of the contest set all the scarecrows on your lawn for a real Halloween scene everyone will appreciate.