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Bunny Hop and Stop

Materials Needed

  • A Bunny Master
  • While guests can have a blast playing this Easter version of Red Light, Green Light, it might be more fun for the spectators. Who does not like watching people hop around while making little bunny ears with their fingers?


    Set up a start and finish line 20-40 yards apart(depending on age of your game players). At the finish line put one player who is selected to be the Bunny Master for the first round of the game, all other players go to the start line. To start the game the Bunny Master turns away from the players and yells, “Bunny Hop”! At this point the players hop toward the Bunny Master as quickly as possible while holding two finger from each hand to their head to make bunny ears. At any point the Bunny Master yells, “Bunny Stop!” and turns around to face the players. The players much immediately freeze in place motionless. If any player is moving when the Bunny Master turns around, fails to hop or put up their bunny ears then they must go back to the start line before game play continues. The Bunny Master continues to alternate between Bunny Hop and Bunny Stop until one of the players is able to tag them. That player is the winner and becomes the Bunny Master for the next round.