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Cheering Competition

Materials Needed

  • Fun-loving guests not afraid to to look foolish
  • We’ve got spirit yes we do, we’ve got spirit how about you!?! Nothing gets a group of football fans going more than an old fashion cheer, so make this work to your advantage and have a cheering competition.


    Divide your guests into groups that support each of the teams in the Super Bowl. You can even have groups that support other teams that did not make the big game. Challenge each group to create an original cheer to show their support for their team and get the party excited. You can provide pom poms, megaphones, poster board and markers, streamers, backing music, anything you like to help make the cheer a glorious spectacle. Assign a panel of judges or just vote by group consensus for a winner based on originality and fun. Right before kick off have your cheer off with the winners getting a prize.