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Passing Skills Challenge

Materials Needed

  • A football
  • Targets spread around the yard
  • In your backyard or any open area mark a spot where participant will stand and then set up targets at a variety of different distances from the spot. The targets can be a solid object where the points are awarded by hitting the target or have an opening so that points are only awarded if the football goes into the opening. Assign a points value to each target with a low number of points for the easiest targets to hit increasing to a high point value for the most difficult.

    You can do a quick and easy set up using common items like a trash can, lawn chair and garden gnome or get creative by hanging a tire from a tree, cutting a hole in a cardboard box with a wide receiver drawn on it with his hands around the hole or even having someone push a wheel barrel which serves as the target(the wheel barrel, not the person). The more time and creativity you invest in the set up, the better the odds of the game being a success at your Super Bowl party.

    Break your party guests up into groups of a similar age/skill level. If you have more than 7 targets, each contestant gets one chance to throw the football at the target, if less than 7 targets allow two throws per target. If they successfully hit the target they are awarded the point value assigned to that target. Keep score and award a prize to the high point total from each group.

    Super Bowl Cook-off

    Materials Needed

  • 3x5 Cards
  • Pens or pencils
  • When you think Super Bowl, you usually don’t think cooking contest, but what better way to have a party then to get your guests to bring their best dishes! This is a easy addition to your event if you are already having a Super Bowl potluck party. You will just need to let your guests know everyone will be voting for the best dishes giving them time to cook up something good, so a bit of pre-planning is required.

    Encourage all your guests to bring their best dish and vote on who wins the “Super Bowl of party foods”. You can make it a themed cook-off by asking for just chili dishes, or chicken wings, or even their best “junk” food dish. Be creative and encourage your guests to be creative, too!

    After all the food has been served pass out 3 x 5 cards and ask everyone to vote on the top three dishes in order, explaining that no one can vote for their own offering. Assign five points for every first place vote, three for second and one for third. Add up the total and award the highest point winner as the “Super Bowl Cook-Off Champion”. Not only will your guests have a fun time voting, they will enjoy the wide variety of food they get to enjoy before the vote.

    Wear the Kids Out Before the Game

    Materials Needed

  • a football
  • assorted outdoor sports equipment
  • Set up a series of activities just for the kids before the Super Bowl.

    Obstacle course race: Set up a course and then have each kid run through it and time them. For example have them run through a zig-zag pattern you set up on the ground, then do ten jumping jacks, then climb up and down a ladder, do five sit ups and finally run around around the house to the finish line. It really does not matter what course you set up just use whatever is available. Award prizes and high praise to all the kids.

    Football Hot Potato: Have the kids stand in a circle and toss around a football. Meanwhile, an adult with his back to the activities plays music with his or her cellphone. At some point the adult stops the music and whichever kid was the last to touch the football is out.

    Lombardi Says: You play it just like Simon Says but instead it is Vince Lombardi the legendary NFL coach for whom the Super Bowl trophy is named. Make sure that Lombardi says to run in place, jump up and down and other draining activities.

    Pass, Pass, Run: The classic Duck, Duck, Goose party game with a football theme.

    You can improvise and adapt based on the kids at your party. The important part is for the kids to have fun and use up some energy before the the game so when they go to the Kidzone you hopefully set up for them during the game they are more likely to relax and stay occupied.

    Cheering Competition

    Materials Needed

  • Fun-loving guests not afraid to to look foolish
  • Divide your guests into groups that support each of the teams in the Super Bowl. You can even have groups that support other teams that did not make the big game. Challenge each group to create an original cheer to show their support for their team and get the party excited. You can provide pom poms, megaphones, poster board and markers, streamers, backing music, anything you like to help make the cheer a glorious spectacle. Assign a panel of judges or just vote by group consensus for a winner based on originality and fun. Right before kick off have your cheer off with the winners getting a prize.

    Play Football!

    Materials Needed

  • A Football
  • Space outside to play
  • Playing is easy enough since most people at your party will already know how to play. Before the game divide up into teams and encourage everyone of all ages to participate. If you have kids playing you can play a lighthearted game of flag or (soft)touch football, if it’s just the guys, go all out with a rough and tumble game of football.

    It is not so much about who wins as it is about getting everyone’s blood pumping so when it is finally time for Super Bowl kick off (pregame seems to last for days) people are excited and ready for some football. If some people really do not want to play, get them to coach, referee or be cheerleaders.  Try and get the whole party involved in some way, your neighbors may even want to join in when they see all the fun you are having!

    If you plan for this in advance you can let you guests know so they can bring a quick change of clothes and/or shoes, too.

    Set up a Kidzone

    Materials Needed

  • A safe area for the kids to play
  • Games, coloring sheets, snacks
  • Babysitter (optional)
  • While not technically a game, if you are going to have children at your party it is a good idea to set up an area for them to play away from the TV watching hot spots. This can be anywhere they can play and enjoy themselves without being underfoot when the other “kids” are jumping up and down watching the game. Setup a table for them to use, have some chairs, maybe some place to lounge on the floor. Printout some Super Bowl themed word searches, word scrambles, or coloring pages. Provide some board games, puzzles and kid friendly snacks. If you have a spare tv you can even setup a video game system, or ask one of the guests with kids to bring theirs for the party.

    Letting the children have their own fun, in their own space, will not only allow them to enjoy the party more, but the adults will as well. If you are planning on having more than a few kids at your party you may even want to consider hiring a babysitter for the day to keep an eye on the children and keep them entertained. One of the parents might even have a responsible teen who is willing to do it for some extra money. Most parents will gladly kick in to help pay for this type of thing, and everyone will come away happy.