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Passing Skills Challenge

Materials Needed

  • A football
  • Targets spread around the yard
  • This game does require some setup, but offers a fun outdoor game to play before the Super Bowl that can be adjusted to provide a challenging activity to party guests of all different age ranges and football skill levels.


    In your backyard or any open area mark a spot where participant will stand and then set up targets at a variety of different distances from the spot. The targets can be a solid object where the points are awarded by hitting the target or have an opening so that points are only awarded if the football goes into the opening. Assign a points value to each target with a low number of points for the easiest targets to hit increasing to a high point value for the most difficult.

    You can do a quick and easy set up using common items like a trash can, lawn chair and garden gnome or get creative by hanging a tire from a tree, cutting a hole in a cardboard box with a wide receiver drawn on it with his hands around the hole or even having someone push a wheel barrel which serves as the target(the wheel barrel, not the person). The more time and creativity you invest in the set up, the better the odds of the game being a success at your Super Bowl party.

    Break your party guests up into groups of a similar age/skill level. If you have more than 7 targets, each contestant gets one chance to throw the football at the target, if less than 7 targets allow two throws per target. If they successfully hit the target they are awarded the point value assigned to that target. Keep score and award a prize to the high point total from each group.