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Wear the Kids Out Before the Game

Materials Needed

  • a football
  • assorted outdoor sports equipment
  • Give the kids something fun to do with them being the focus but also drain some of that seemingly limitless energy that kids possess. The goal it that once the game starts the kids are at least a little worn out and this allows the adults to enjoy the big game with fewer kid interruptions.


    Set up a series of activities just for the kids before the Super Bowl.

    Obstacle course race: Set up a course and then have each kid run through it and time them. For example have them run through a zig-zag pattern you set up on the ground, then do ten jumping jacks, then climb up and down a ladder, do five sit ups and finally run around around the house to the finish line. It really does not matter what course you set up just use whatever is available. Award prizes and high praise to all the kids.

    Football Hot Potato: Have the kids stand in a circle and toss around a football. Meanwhile, an adult with his back to the activities plays music with his or her cellphone. At some point the adult stops the music and whichever kid was the last to touch the football is out.

    Lombardi Says: You play it just like Simon Says but instead it is Vince Lombardi the legendary NFL coach for whom the Super Bowl trophy is named. Make sure that Lombardi says to run in place, jump up and down and other draining activities.

    Pass, Pass, Run: The classic Duck, Duck, Goose party game with a football theme.

    You can improvise and adapt based on the kids at your party. The important part is for the kids to have fun and use up some energy before the the game so when they go to the you hopefully set up for them during the game they are more likely to relax and stay occupied.