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The Dizzy Mummy

Materials Needed

  • toilet paper
  • (optional) a stopwatch
  • One of the great joys associate with hosting a Halloween party is coming up with games that make your guests look like fools. With that in mind we proudly present The Dizzy Mummy game.


    Break your party guests into teams of two people. Before you tell them how the game is played ask them to decide which one will be the mummy and which will be the wrapper. After all of the teams have chosen the roles of each member bring out the toilet paper, you need one roll for each team. You can have all of the teams go at once or one at a time and use a stopwatch to determine who is fastest.

    The rules of the game are simple. The wrapper holds the roll of toilet paper with one finger in the hole in each side so that it can be dispensed easily. The mummy take the end of the roll and stands a few steps from the wrapper holding onto the toilet paper. You start the game and the mummy has to spin around in place while holding the end of the toilet paper. The paper should start to wrap around the mummy as they spin, freely coming from the roll which the wrapper is holding. If the paper breaks, the wrapper can help the mummy get started again. The mummy keeps spinning until they are completely wrapped in the entire roll of paper. The team that finishes the quickest wins and is award a prize.

    Disclaimer: This game may not work well with guests who have been drinking adult beverages.