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Don’t Say Easter (Taboos and Tokens)

Materials Needed

  • Clothespins or some other token for each guest
  • Taboos and Token is a fun game that has become extremely popular in large part due to it being flexible enough to fit any occasion. Easter is no exception so get out your clothespins and start up a game!


    The first order of business is to select a taboo word, meaning a word your guests are not allowed to say. The most obvious choice is “Easter” which will work just fine, but if you wish you can choose another word like jellybean, chocolate, bunny, or anything you wish that is likely to be said frequently at your party. Now you need tokens. Clothespins are commonly used since they are easy to clip onto and remove from clothing without doing any damage.

    To start the game inform all of your guests of the taboo word. Give them each a token and explain to them that whenever they say the taboo word they will lose their token to the first player to call them out. Now start the game. If Aunt Sue accidently says the taboo word and Cousin Earl is the first to point out her mistake, then Aunt Sue must give Cousin Earl her token. Now Sue has no tokens and Earl has two tokens. The only way for Aunt Sue to get a token back is to be the first to call out someone else when they say the taboo word.

    The game continues throughout the party until close to the end when the person who has collected the most tokens is declared the winner.