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Donut on a String Race

Materials Needed

  • Rope or clothesline
  • ribbon or string
  • donuts
  • Who doesn’t love donuts? So what better game to play then this all-too-funny race to scarf one down! This is an vintage game that’s still fun today and will be a hit with both kids and adults alike.


    Tie a good size length of rope between two trees, a clothesline would be perfect for this. While the players are standing under the clothesline tie ribbon or string to a donut and attach that to the clothesline. Each donut should be placed so it hangs just slightly above the mouth of each player (one donut per player only).

    Give the players a good “ready, set, GO!” and have them begin. Their mission is to eat the entire donut hanging in front of them without letting it fall off the string… with NO hands. First person to eat the entire donut wins.

    With this game everyone’s a winner since all players get a yummy donut to eat so no need for a prize. To add a little more humor to the game use powdered or chocolate covered donuts… the mess on the kids (and adults!) faces will be picture worthy and very funny!