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Egg and Spoon Race

Materials Needed

  • A spoon for each player
  • A hardboiled egg for each player
  • You might think that carrying an egg with a spoon would be easy… you would be wrong. All ages love this fast paced race and it gives you something to do with those left over Easter eggs from your egg hunt.


    The simple instructions for this game are that you give each guest a spoon and a hardboiled egg. They race while carrying the egg with the spoon and are not allowed to touch the egg at all. If they drop the egg, they must pick it back up only using the spoon. The first person to cross the finish line is the winner. But there are a few options you can add to this game:

    – Instead of a simple straightforward course you can make it zigzag or even add obstacles they have to navigate.
    -You can run the race for the young kids with a simple course and then increase the difficulty for older party guests.
    -Another way to level the playing field with younger and more mature guests is to change the size of the spoon. Give kids large serving spoons or even a ladle while the adults must use a small plastic spoon.
    -For a real challenge require them to hop like an Easter bunny instead of running.