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Egg Limit Easter Egg Hunt

Materials Needed

  • Eggs
  • Baskets for each player
  • Prizes
  • Easter parties are suppose to be fun. Why not play your Easter egg hunt with rules that guarantee everyone will get their fair share of eggs?


    Kids can be very sensitive about fairness. Putting a limit on the maximum number of eggs any one player can find assures every player of getting a good amount of eggs. This is also a handy way to make sure younger players get their fair share without the older kids gobbling all the eggs up.

    The Rules: Set a limit to the maximum number of eggs each player can find. Once a player has found their limit they either sit out while the other hunters find their eggs or help some of the younger participants to find eggs. So if you have six player and an egg limit of ten eggs each, you would hide a total of 60 eggs.

    Optional Rule Addition: If these rules sound a little too fair, you can add in a bonus round. Play the game with the normal rule set, but hide more eggs than the total needed for each kid to find their limit. So if you had six players and a limit of ten eggs each(a total of 60 eggs), you could hide 80 eggs and there would be twenty left for the bonus round. Once all of the egg hunters has found their limit everyone rejoins the hunt to find the bonus eggs.