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ESP Test – Eekstra Spookery Perception

Materials Needed

  • a Zener deck of 25 cards
  • Pens
  • paper
  • Halloween has long been linked to the paranormal. Testing the clairvoyance of your party guests is a great way to have fun and set the mood for your event. Who knows, one of your guests might have a hidden talent.


    To test the ESP ability of your party guests you will need a deck of 25 cards made up of five cards with each of the following five symbols: circle, cross, wavy lines, square, star. You can make them yourself by cutting thick construction paper into quarters and drawing on the symbols with a marker.

    To start the game pass out pen and paper to your guests and find a spot where you are facing all of the guests and none of them are behind you where they might see the cards you draw from the deck. Shuffle the deck and draw the first card, looking at it yourself but not allowing the guests to see it. Focus all of your psychic energy on mentally projecting the image which is on the card for 10 seconds. During this time the guests should be trying to receive your psychic message and write down their guess at the symbol on the first card. Then place the card face down and draw the next card. Repeat the process until you have done all 25 cards and your guests should have 25 answers.

    To check the results turn the deck of cards you discarded face up so that the top card was the first card you drew to start the test. Show the guests the card which is the correct answer for the first card drawn and write it down on your own answer sheet for reference later if you need it. Continue until you have finished all 25 cards. Whichever guest had the most correct answers wins the game and a prize.

    Tip: Make cheat sheets for the guests with either images of the five symbols or just the words circle, cross, wavy lines, square and star to keep beside them during the test. You would be surprised how often the guests forget the symbols during the game.