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Flashlight Egg Hunt

Materials Needed

  • A lot of eggs to hide
  • A flashlight for each player or each team
  • (optional) Reflective tape
  • Yes we know, not many people have Easter parties at night, but for the few that do this game offers a unique experience that guests will love. Playing this game indoor can be a great solution to having an egg hunt during bad weather.


    The Flashlight Egg Hunt plays exactly like a normal Easter egg hunt but at night(or in the dark indoors) and the hunters use flashlights to help them find the eggs. Pass out a flashlight and an Easter basket to each player or if you do not have enough flashlights break the guests up into teams with one flashlight each. You might consider getting a roll of reflective tape and sticking a small piece to each egg so they will really stand out when hit with the flashlight. Also, be sure to test all flashlights before the party and keep some extra batteries on hand.

    Outdoor Version: This is truly an egg hunt your guests will remember. Once the eggs are hidden and you are ready to start be sure to turn off all outdoor lights and do anything you can to make it as dark as possible. Give a heads up to any close neighbors by telling them that there will be groups of people running around your yard with flashlights. You might also ask them to turn off any outdoor lights during your egg hunt.

    Indoor Version: If weather keeps you from having your egg hunt outside or if your live in an apartment with no outdoor area for a hunt the indoor flashlight egg hunt is a great alternative. Particularly if you think an indoor egg hunt with light would not be challenging enough for your guests. Basements work best, but wherever you have your hunt make sure to make it as dark as possible and clear anything that might be easy to trip over.