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Good Samaritan Easter Egg Hunt

Materials Needed

  • Twelve plastic eggs
  • Candy to fill the eggs
  • A note from the Easter Bunny
  • Taking some time to brighten up the holiday for a neighbor is truly part of the Easter spirit.


    This egg hunt is not for your party guests, it is for a neighbor that might be feeling down, is away from their family on Easter or in some way needing a boost of Easter spirit.

    The Rules: Fill twelve plastic eggs with Easter candies. Have some of your party guests(ideally kids) sneak over to a neighbor’s house and hide the eggs around the front yard. The hiding places should be fairly simple since you do not want finding them to become a chore. Leave a note on the front door explaining that the Easter Bunny has dropped by and hidden twelve eggs for them to find.

    Make sure to tell them exactly how many eggs there are so they know when to stop looking. It is up to you if you ever reveal that you were responsible for the impromptu egg hunt, perhaps credit is best left to the Easter Bunny.