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Guess How Many Footballs in the Jar

Materials Needed

  • A clear jar
  • Enough foil covered chocolate footballs to fill it
  • 3 x 5 cards
  • Pens or pencils
  • A box with an opening to put the cards
  • All guests will instantly recognize this simple yet fun to play party game classic.


    Fill a clear jar or container with foil wrapped chocolate footballs making sure to keep track of exactly how many are included. Decorate the jar to taste, using ribbons matching the colors of the teams in the Super Bowl works well or color coordinated permanent makers. Just make sure that the contents are clearly visible. Place the jar on a table with a stack of 3 x 5 cards, pens or pencils, and a box with an opening cut in the top. Each guest gets one chance to guess how many chocolate footballs are in the jar by writing down their name and estimate on a card and dropping it in the box. The closest to actual amount wins the jar and all it contents.

    – Halftime is a great time to announce the winner since all guest should have had a chance to make an entry by that point and with another half of football remaining it give the guests that did not win plenty of time convince the winner to share some of the prize.

    – If you do not want to use the chocolate footballs, using hard candies matching the team colors of the Super Bowl teams(or even a local team) is a good option. Nuts are a good choice for those wanting to provide a more healthy prize alternative. Pistachio nuts in shells are easy to count and that eliminates any confusion as to if you count both halves of a separated nut. You can even mix candies with nuts and small novelty toys, stickers, packs of football trading cards, whatever you like. Use your own judgment and trust your instincts, you know your Super Bowl party guests better than anyone else.