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Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle Race

Materials Needed

  • Halloween themed jigsaw puzzles for each group
  • Jigsaws puzzles have provided fun for all ages for centuries.  Add a somewhat surprising twist to your Halloween party by playing the Halloween Jigsaw puzzle race and as a bonus you can use the puzzles themselves as the prizes.


    Break your party guests into teams of three to five members each.  Give each team a Halloween themed jigsaw puzzle in the box and a flat surface for them to assemble the puzzle.  Give the party guests  a Ready, Set, Go! and start the game. The first team to completely finish their puzzle wins. The puzzles themselves make great prizes to award the winning team after the game.

    In most cases the goal should be for the game to take 5-7 minutes so you can adjust accordingly based on the age of your guests. For kids be sure to select extremely simple novice level puzzles with very few pieces. For older kids and adults you can raise the level of difficulty some, but the point is not for the Halloween party to turn into a jigsaw puzzle party so try not to make it too difficult.