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Halloween Memory Game

Materials Needed

  • A large tray
  • A cloth to cover the tray
  • 15-20 small Halloween themed items
  • Pen and paper for all party guest
  • Make your guests put on their thinking cap in this challenging yet entertaining memory game.


    Get 15-20 small Halloween themed object such as small novelty toys(a plastic spider ring, a small rubber rat), Halloween themed sweets(a skull shaped lollipop, a small bag of candy corn) or get creative and make a little ghost out of tissue paper or just write the word BOO! on a piece of paper. Put all of the objects on a tray and cover the tray with a cloth.

    Have your guests gather around the tray and remove the covering. Explain to them that they have 60 seconds to look at the objects on the tray and then it will be removed. Once the time limit is up put the tray in another room and then pass out pen and paper to all of your Halloween party guests. Allow them a few minutes to write down as many of the objects on the tray as they can remember. The person who correctly remembers the most items from the tray is the winner.

    As a prize you can award the winner all of the stuff from the tray in a Halloween candy bag.