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Harvest the Candy Corn

Materials Needed

  • a large bowl
  • candy corn
  • Chopsticks
  • smaller bowls or plates
  • This fast paced game is sure to be a hit with the kids at your Halloween party. How am I sure it will be a hit? Because all of the kids that play the game win candy and kids love any game that gives them candy!


    Fill a large bowl with Halloween candy corn and place it in the center of a medium sized table(a round table if possible). The table needs to be big enough so that 3-5 kids can stand around it with some elbow room and small enough that all of them can reach the center of the table during game play.

    Give each of the players a pair of chopsticks and a small bowl or plate, paper plates work just fine. The object of the game is for the kids to pick up a candy corn from the bowl in the center of the table with the chopsticks and place it on their bowl or plate which is in front of them. Set a timer for around two minutes and turn them loose. Once the time has expired the kids get to keep the candy they collected and the next group gets a chance. After everyone has had a turn the guest that collected the most candy corn is the winner.

    If your Halloween party guests are too young or for any reason unable to use chopsticks you can play the game with small spoons instead.