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Hello, My Name is Cliche

Materials Needed

  • Adhesive backed Hello my Name is... name tags for each guests
  • This game is great for adult Super Bowl parties where not everyone knows each other as it combines an ice breaker with a drinking game. And there is a lot of room for some fun innuendo that is sure to spark conversation with your party guests.


    Get enough of those sticky name tags that that come pre-printed with “Hello, my name is…” on them for every guest. As the guests arrive give them a name tag with their name added and a personalize football cliche. For example for a guest named Mark his tag might read, ” Hello, my name is Mark and I am better than my record indicates“.

    Only one cliche per person, so once the cliche is used cross it off the list. For the rest of the party whenever an tv announcer uses that cliche during the game, Mark has to take a drink. For example if the announcer says, “The Giants have been far better than their record indicates this year” then Mark has to take a drink (or some other “punishment” like eating a SUPER hot chicken wing or hot pepper). You can assign the cliches to the guests yourself as they arrive, have a printed list and allow them to pick a cliche or let them suggest their own.

    Here are some suggested cliche phrases:

    I take it one game at a time.
    I leave it all on the field.
    I am deceptively fast.
    I am going to feel this one in the morning.
    I am better than my record indicates.
    I have a motor that won’t quit.
    I give 110 percent.
    I play a full 60 minutes.
    I have a quick first step.
    My defense bends but doesn’t break.
    I have all day to throw it.
    I am a downhill runner.
    I play ball-control offense.
    I dominate the line of scrimmage.
    I pound it out on the ground.
    I need to air it out more.
    I have open passing lanes.
    I make plays on both sides of the ball.
    I stick to my game plan.
    I am a dangerous deep threat.
    I call timeouts to ice the kicker.
    I split the uprights.
    I am in the hurry-up offense.
    I am trying to milk the clock.
    I am showing blitz.
    I cut it back against the grain.
    I call my own number.
    I am a shut-down corner.
    I throw into double-coverage.
    I make game saving tackles.
    I am efficient in the red zone.
    I win it in the trenches.