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How Many Worms Are in the Graveyard Dirt?

Materials Needed

  • A big glass jar
  • Orea cookies
  • gummy worms
  • pens or pencils
  • scraps of paper
  • a bowl or basket
  • This Halloween twist on a classic game is a crowd pleaser and has the added benefit of taking almost no time to run during your party since almost all of the work can be completed before the party starts. It also has the bonus of the jar serving as the prize for the winner of the game.


    The preparation for this game takes a little bit of time but it is simple and well worth it. Take a bag of Oreo cookies and break them down into crumbs. Take a big glass jar and sprinkle a layer of the Oreo crumbs on the bottom and then add some gummy worms on top of the cookie crumbs. Add some more crumbs and then more worms. You repeat this process until the entire jar is filled taking care to keep exact track of how many worms you are adding.

    Place the jar on a table with pens or pencils, scraps of paper and a bowl or basket. Explain to your guests as they arrive that while preparing for your Halloween party you where of course collecting some dirt from a graveyard and where surprised to see how many worms where in the dirt. Challenge your guests to guess how many worms are in the jar of graveyard dirt. Each guest should put their name on a piece of paper and their best estimation of the number of worms. The person who makes the most accurate guess wins the jar.

    If you do not want to use Oreos and gummy worms you can substitute gross candies like gummy eyeballs, severed fingers, insects or any other nasty Halloween themed candies that are available at party shops and online. Or you can just go with the basics and fill the jar with regular Halloween candy.