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“Howl”-o-“Scream” Contest

Materials Needed

  • Area to get loud in
  • It’s the dead of night, all is quiet, then out in the distance you hear the hideous howl of what must be a wolf… or werewolf! Seconds later you hear a blood curdling scream. It must be Halloween!


    Get back to the fun and funny basics of Halloween with a good ol’ fashion screaming contest. Have all your guests stand in an open area (if outside make sure it’s not too late to upset your neighbors). Have each player come up to the front of the crowd, and on the count of 3 do their best imitation of a Halloween horror scream (think B-movie type thing).

    Now, since many boys may not want to “scream like a girl” you can offer them up their own howling contest. Have the male guests come up and instead of scream, give their most realistic howling at the moon routine. You will be surprised how competitive the guys will get with this, some will really give it their all.

    For a bit of humor you can offer each contestant a “personalized prompt” to get them in the mood to scream, such as for a fashion diva guest you could say “You leave the house and realize your shoes don’t match your outfit! 1, 2, 3… scream!” or for the fanatic book lover in the group you could say “You come home and find all of your book shelves have been rearranged. They are not in alphabetical order anymore! 1, 2, 3…. scream!” Not only will this be very funny for your other guests it makes the game much more personal and fun for the screamers, too.

    At the end either have a select group of judges choose a winner, or have all the guests vote on the winner. You can also make up different awards for the “Best Scream,” “Loudest Scream,” “Most Realistic Howl,” “Most Blood Chilling.” You can be as creative as you want with the awards and winners since the real fun is in the contest!