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In the Name of Advice

Materials Needed

  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Sometimes simpler is better. The In the Name of Advice game is very easy to play, but can deliver some of the funniest and most touching moments at a bridal shower.


    Encourage you shower guests to take some time with their answers, not just write the first thing that springs to mind. While this is a game, it is also an opportunity to share some real, practical advice with the soon to be wife.

    The Setup: Give each guest a pen and piece of paper.

    The Rules: Ask the guests to write the first name of the bride downward on the left side of the paper in big letters. Then for each of the letters offer some advice for the bride that starts with that letter. For example if the bride’s name is Claire:

    Choose which arguments are really important, ignore the rest.
    Let your husband have some time with his friends.
    Always point out when he leaves the toilet seat up.
    Initiate romance sometimes.
    Remeber your anniversary.
    Evolve everyday as a person and a couple.

    When all guests have finished, one by one read them to the bridal shower without revealing the author. Have the bride pick her favorite advice, that guest is the winner.