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Jellybean Chop-Chop

Materials Needed

  • A large bowl
  • Four small bowls
  • A lot of jellybeans
  • Chopsticks
  • This fast paced, competitive game will test your guests skill with chopsticks. The good news is that even if they are not very good with chopsticks in the end everyone walks away with some candy.


    The object of this game is for the guests to get as many jellybeans as they can within the time limit. The challenge is that they have to use chopsticks to get the jellybeans. If you have a wide age range of party guests you can have multiple contests, one for each group.

    Place a large bowl filled with jellybeans in the middle of a table(preferably a round table). Setup the players around the table making sure to allow a lot of wiggle room since the game can get pretty hectic. Usually only four player can participate each round, so you may need to take multiple turn for everyone to get a chance.

    Each participant gets a set of chopsticks and a bowl to place in front of them. Set a time limit of three minutes for the players to move as many jellybeans as they can from the center bowl to their bowl in front of them only using the chopsticks. If one drops on the table before it gets to their bowl they must use the chopstick to pick it up. Count how many jellybeans are in the bowl of each player at the end of the turn and keep a running list. Repeat the game until all the guests have played once. Everyone gets to keep the jellybeans they got during their turn and the person who had the most jellybeans in their bowl is the winner and keeps all the remaining jellybeans. If you had several contests for different age ranges split the remaining jellybeans between each of the winners.

    Optional: If you have some kids that just too young to use the chopsticks but still want to be included in the game, let them play with the same rules but using a small spoon.