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Make a Mummy Game

Materials Needed

  • A lot of toilet paper rolls
  • It took the ancient Egyptians weeks to make a mummy, your Halloween party guest will have to the same in mere minutes! See who makes the best wrap star in this exciting, fast paced race.


    Break the party guests up into teams of 4-5 members each. If you have uneven teams that is okay, since this is a relay race of sorts, one of the members of the team(s) with a lower number of members can take two turns.

    The teams should first decide on which member is going to be the mummy. The mummies stand on one side of the room with each of the teams on the other side. Place a lot of toilet paper rolls on the ground near each of the mummies. Give a Ready, Set, Go! and the first team member runs to their mummy and starts to wrap the toilet paper around the soon to be mummy. After 30 seconds shout Switch! and the first mummy wrapper runs back to the team and the second team member races to the mummy to continue the process. Cycle through all of the team members(with one going twice if the teams are uneven) and then call a stop. The team that has created the best mummy wins!

    Make sure to clearly tell the guests not to cover the eyes, nose or mouth when wrapping the mummies. It is only toilet paper, but some people can get uncomfortable if their face is getting covered.