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Mass Grave

Materials Needed

  • a large dark area with places to hide
  • This Halloween version of the classic game Sardines is not a good fit for every party. It works best with smaller groups of around 6-8 people but if you have enough area with hiding places it can provide a real scare for some of your party guests.


    This game is best when played outside in the pitch dark, no lights or flashlights. There is nothing creepier than coming across a group of your friends “dead” in this game, and makes it one that should only be played by older kids who won’t be scared of the dark or creeped out.

    Explain to your party guests that for the purposes of this game one of them has been infected with a deadly, highly contagious virus and has until the count of 50 to live. Establish a large space outside with boundaries as the play area. The infected guest takes off in search of a hiding place while the remaining guests cover their eyes and slowly count to 50. Once the infected person reaches their hiding place they lay down and are considered dead.

    When the count is finished the other players must split up and search for their sick friend. When one of the guests finds the hider they are instantly infected with the virus and must quietly lay down next to the original infected person and die beside them. This continues until the last person finds the others in their mass grave at which point the late comer is declared the loser and serves as the hider in the next round of the game.

    Tip: This game is much better when played at night in a large area outside with as many lights as possible turned off.