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Musical Easter Egg Hop

Materials Needed

  • Colorful construction paper eggs, one for each player
  • Easter music to play
  • Tape
  • A chair
  • Musical Easter Egg Hop is an enjoyable way to combine music with a little exercise while keeping the Easter spirit.


    Cut large Easter eggs out of different colors of construction paper and laminated them if possible. You can decorate them if you are so inclined or if you want to add a craft to the party have the kids decorate them. Tape the eggs to the floor in a circular pattern, one for each player. With every kid standing on an egg, start the game by playing music. The kids hop(like a bunny) around the circle of eggs in a clockwise manner as the music plays. They must hop on to the next egg when the player behind them reaches the egg they are standing on. When the music stops they need to find an egg to stand on(one kid per egg) or they are out.

    The first time there should be enough eggs for everyone to give them a chance to understand the game without fear of elimination. After the first round remove one egg and play again, whoever is not able to find an egg when the music stops is out. During the game you will have to adjust the position of the eggs to shrink the circle as eggs are removed. When it gets down to two players left place a chair about three feet from the final egg and the last two players must hop around the chair once they are forced to leave the one remaining egg. The child on the last egg when the music stops is the winner.

    Suggested Music: Here Comes Peter Cottontail, Easter Parade, The Bunny Hop