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Musical Pumpkins

Materials Needed

  • Orange construction paper
  • Scissors
  • A way to laminate the pumpkins
  • A device to play music
  • (Optional) Crayons or colored makers
  • Challenge the kids to find the pumpkins with this exciting game that offers all the fun of the classic musical chairs game with a Halloween theme.


    Cut pumpkins out of orange construction paper and get them laminated, making sure you have one for each of your party guests. Tape the pumpkins to the floor in a circular pattern. To start the game have the kids stand on one of the pumpkins and play some Halloween themed music. As the music plays the kids move from one pumpkin to the next. At a random point stop the music and the kids must race to be the first person standing on one of the pumpkins.

    It is a good idea to start with one pumpkin for each kid just so they have a chance to understand the game before the competition starts. After the trial run remove one pumpkin and repeat the process. The kid that is not able to be the first standing on a pumpkin is out. Repeat the process until you have a winner. Once you are down to one pumpkin and two kids left, place a chair about 5 feet away from the last pumpkin and have the kids circle around the chair.

    If you would like to add a fun craft to this game, provide crayons or colored markers and let the kids decorate the pumpkins before you laminate them.