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Ouija Board Game

Materials Needed

A Ouija board

Nothing says Halloween like ghosts and spirits. Turn down the lights and try to contact the spirits of the departed on Halloween with a Ouija board game.


When most people think of a Ouija board they imagine the mass produced game from Parker Bothers. While that game will certainly work, there are now many other Ouija boards available with options like a built in light or glow in the dark board. Select any board you wish, but keep in mind that the whole point of the Ouija board is to sell the Halloween experience and having a nifty board that people have not seen before helps create the spooky atmosphere.

To use the Ouija board you need at least two people sitting facing the board and touching the planchette (the pointer). One person asks the board a question and then hopefully the spirits will move the planchette across the board to answer the question. There are no winners and loser in this game, just good natured fun that fits in perfectly with Halloween.

Be warned that while most people will accept the Ouija board game as a fun experiment with the paranormal, some people might be uncomfortable or even scared. Make sure you have an area available for people who do not want to participate.