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Paper Egg Easter Egg Hunt

Materials Needed

  • Paper Easter eggs(construction paper)
  • Scissors
  • A basket for each hunter
  • Tape
  • Prizes
  • Optional: Art supplies for decoration
  • Sometimes the solution to a problem is simple. For an indoor hunt using cutout paper eggs in place of real or plastic eggs gives you many more potential hiding places and is an easy way to make your egg hunt more challenging if you have limited space.


    Not everyone has an expansive outdoor area to host an Easter egg hunt. Even if you do bad weather can force your Easter party activities inside. Indoor egg hunts can work well when the hunters are young and limited in number but it is easy to run out of good places to hide eggs. Using cutout paper Easter eggs for your indoor hunt instead of real or plastic eggs opens up many more potential hiding spots to challenge your little egg hunters. After all, when a game is too easy it is not as much fun.

    The Setup: All you need to do is to cut out eggs from different colors of construction paper. You can make them all the same size or a variety of sizes. Small eggs can be useful for hiding in particularly sneaky places(maybe tape one to the bottom of the TV remote). If you decorate them or how much you decorate them beyond what is necessary it up to you. You can simply use colored construction paper eggs for a quick and easy set up or if you want more decorative eggs you can add colors and designs with crayons, makers or even paint. If you decide to really go all out you can glue on pictures or add some scrapbooking decorations. To add a craft to your party, instead of you decorating the eggs you can provide the kids with art supplies and let them decorate the eggs.

    Once you have your eggs ready grab a roll of clear tape and start hiding. You will not need the tape for every hiding place. You can easily hide a paper egg under the magazines on your coffee table, in a kitchen drawer or between two books on your bookshelf without tape. But the tape does come in handy if you want to tape an egg to the bottom of your coffee table, drawer or bookshelf.

    The Rules: Give each participant a basket to keep their collected eggs and turn them loose just like a traditional Easter egg hunt. The only difference with the paper eggs is that you want to help make sure that they remove the tape from any egg before putting it in their basket. If they leave the tape on it can stick to other eggs in the basket and be bothersome.