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Pick a Trick – Pick a Treat

Materials Needed

  • Orange construction paper or foam
  • Container or bowl
  • Trick or treating is all that some people do on Halloween, so don’t forget your own “trick or treating” game at your party. Your guests will be rolling around (literally) with laughter at this fun acting/action game.


    Using orange construction paper or thin foam sheets, create at least 12 paper pumpkins, more if you are having a large number of guests or want a large number of “actions”. You will want to try to make them all exactly the same size and shape, as well.

    On 1 of them you will write the word “TREAT” (you can add more “TREAT” pumpkins depending on the number of guests and ease of winning you want to have – 1:10 is good odds), and on the rest you will want to write “TRICK” and a funny or silly action the person has to do such as:

    • Howl like a werewolf
    • Walk like a zombie
    • Do your best vampire impression
    • Make a scary/funny/freaky face
    • Cackle like a witch
    • Do the “Monster Mash”
    • Crawl about like a spider

    This makes a great game for both adults and kids since you can tailor the “actions” to the age range of your guests.

    Put all your pumpkins in a bowl or container, a plastic witch cauldron or plastic trick or treat pumpkin is perfect. Have each player grab a pumpkin from the container and read it. If it says “TREAT” they get a small prize or maybe a small favor bag of candy and their turn ends, BUT if they get “TRICK” they have to do what is written on the card.

    You can have each guest keep choosing pumpkins and doing the “TRICKS” until they get a “TREAT” card, or you can just keep going round the room taking one turn at a time until you have a certain number of winners. Either way, your guests will have a ghoulishly good time, and plenty of photo opps.