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Pin the Nose On Jack!

Materials Needed

  • a Jack-o-lantern(sans nose)
  • black construction paper noses
  • a blindfold
  • tape
  • Pin the Tail On the Donkey is a time tested game that kids love, but donkeys are not very scary. So spice up the traditional game buy turning the donkey into a pumpkin(Jack-o-lantern) for your Halloween party.


    Jack the Jack-o-lantern is missing his nose and needs help replacing it. To do this you will need a pumpkin of some kind. You can use a real pumpkin or an orange cutout of a pumpkin made from poster board or cardboard taped to the wall. No matter which pumpkin you use, craft it into a Halloween style Jack-o-lantern except leave off the nose. Make a few noses out of black construction paper in the appropriate size and shape.

    One at a time blindfold each player and spin them around three times. Then hand them a cutout nose with tape on the back. It is their task to place the nose perfectly in the right spot on Jack(the Jack-o-lantern). The person who gets closest wins the game.