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Pumpkin Pass

Materials Needed

  • one miniature pumpkin per team
  • Trick ‘r treaters of all ages will love this fast paced game that gets party guests up close and personal in this Pumpkin Pass relay race. This game is a great option as an ice breaker early on in the party to help guests relax and feel comfortable.


    Break your party guests into teams with as close to six to eight member per team as possible and have each team stand in a line. Give the first member of each team a miniature pumpkin and have them hold it under their chin (using your hands is not allowed). Make sure you are using the small pumpkin/gourds so they can be easily held with your chin without hands.

    The game plays like a relay race, as the first person attempts to pass the pumpkin to the next person in the line while only using their chin to hold onto it. Once the pumpkin is securely under the chin of the second person, that person attempts to pass it to the third person and so on. The first team to successfully pass the pumpkin to the last person in the line and then back to the first person in reverse order is the winner.