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Pumpkin Pop

Materials Needed

  • 4x5' piece of foam board
  • Felt, burlap or heavy cloth
  • Duct tape
  • Bunch of 12-inch orange balloons
  • Confetti
  • Candy
  • Pushpins or darts for older kids
  • Want a party game this Halloween that’s got plenty of bang, instead of a boo? This is a Halloween themed version of the classic carnival game where you pop balloons for a prize. Fun confetti and candy filled balloons make this party game a great way to have guests exploding with laughter.


    Cover a 4×5 ft (or bigger) foam board with heavy cloth, felt or burlap. For ease of construction you can secure it in back with duct tape. Using hooks adhere it to the wall where you will be playing.

    Using a funnel, fill a bunch of “pumpkin orange” colored balloons with confetti and candy (leave a few empty to add to the suspense when popped), and inflate them. Thin candy is easier to get into a balloon, and confetti can be left out of you are worried about a mess. A balloon pump will make this go much, much faster, also, and make sure to make extra to replace the popped balloons if you have a lot of guests.

    Attach the balloons to the covered foam board in a pumpkin shaped arrangement using “T-pins” or push pins. You can add a green pumpkin stem made of paper to the top of the board to give it a more realistic pumpkin look, too.

    Take push pins and tie ribbon to the ends to make it easy to hold and find if dropped. These will be used for popping the pumpkin balloons. For older players you can use darts instead of pins.

    Have each child, one at a time, take a pin and go up to the board and pop 1 or 2 “prize balloons.” They then get to keep what was inside. If you are using darts, have the kids stand 5 or more feet away (depending on their ages you can adjust) and toss the darts at the balloons, giving each child a couple darts each turn. Take turns in this way until the balloons are gone.

    Because of the pins this game is best for kids over 6.