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Raw Egg Roulette

Materials Needed

  • Hardboiled eggs for every player but one
  • One raw egg
  • A basket
  • When you say someone has egg on their face, it usually means they have made a serious mistake. With that in mind, if you play Raw Egg Roulette one person at your party is going to make a serious mistake.


    This game comes with a few important warnings. First, it is crucial that you clearly explain to any of your guests considering playing that there is a chance they will end up covered with raw egg. Also, this is a game that obviously should only be played outdoors. Finally, while you can play this game with kids it is not recommended. Sometimes children will think it sounds fun, but when they get covered in raw egg they become upset.

    Standard Method: Fill a basket with one fewer hardboiled eggs than game players. So if you have ten participants, put nine cooked eggs in the basket. Add in one raw egg and mix them up. The eggs should all be undecorated or if decorated they should be similar enough that there is no way to determine which of the eggs is raw. Also it is a good idea to refrigerate all of the eggs, sometimes people can tell the raw egg because it is colder.

    Have the players stand in a circle close to one another. Walk around the circle with your egg basket allowing each guest to select one egg. Once everyone has an egg, the players will turn to their left so that they are facing the back of the person next to them. Countdown One, Two, Three, Crack! and all of the players in unison will gently break their egg on the top of the head of the person next to them. One players will end up with raw egg dripping from their hair, that person is the “winner” and receives a well deserved prize(as well as a towel to clean up). If the game goes over well and you have eggs left you can play additional rounds.

    Alternate Method: Play the game exactly like the standard version but the person who gets hit with the raw egg is eliminated. Reload your egg basket as before but with one fewer hardboiled eggs and play another round eliminating another player. Continue playing until there are only two participants left who will stand facing each other for the last round. The person who makes it all the way through the game without getting egged is the winner. If you have a large number of players you might consider using two or even three raw eggs per round to speed up the process.

    Prank Method: Do all of the explanation and set up for the game exactly like the standard method so the guests think that one person will end up covered in raw egg. The surprise is that ALL of the eggs are raw!