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Reverse Easter Egg Hunt

Materials Needed

  • Eggs, new or used
  • Baskets for each hunter
  • Any adult can tell you that hiding the eggs and watching the kids run around hunting can be as much fun as looking for the eggs. So why not let the kids have some extra fun by adding a Reverse Egg Hunt to your party?


    A Quick Disclaimer: This game should only be played as a secondary egg hunt, meaning a hunt to be held after your main egg hunt. The major focus should be on the kids, the Reverse Egg Hunt just gives you some bonus fun.

    The Rules: After your main egg hunt have each kid hide the eggs in their Easter basket while the adults are off somewhere they cannot watch. If you are using plastic eggs tell the kids to be sure they have taken their candy out before hiding. Once all of the eggs are hidden the adults come out and search for the eggs. The grown up that finds the most eggs is the winner and gets a prize, perhaps a night of free babysitting.