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Spooky Scrabble

Materials Needed

  • A traditional Scrabble board game
  • This game works best with small groups of adults with 8 or fewer players. Since most people already know the rules of Scrabble, you just have to explain the minor adjustment to make the game fit into a Halloween theme.


    Spooky Scrabble plays exactly like the traditional board game except that all of the words played on the board must fit into the Halloween theme. For example you could play the word ghost or candy. Obviously this seriously limits the potential words so there is one more adjustment and this is where the fun starts. Any word can be ruled acceptable if the player(s) can demonstrate through acting out a scene how the word can be fit into the Halloween theme.

    So if a player or a team wants to play the word sofa, for example, they will have to come up with a way to demonstrate that sofa can be a spooky word. The point of the game is to have fun so rulings as to if the word is acceptable should be generous as long as the player(s) are making a good natured committed to selling the word.

    Scrabble is designed to have a maximum of four players but you can double up party guest into teams of two if you have more than four that want to play.