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Super Bowl MVP Auction

Materials Needed

  • List of players
  • Paper to keep track of auction winners
  • Super Bowl MVP is a very big deal, so auctioning off a stake in the winner is a great way for your guests to get even more excited about it.


    Before kick-off let your guests know you will be holding an MVP player auction. Guests can bid any amount on each of the key players from both Super Bowl teams and the money goes into a prize pool. When MVP is announced at the end of the game, whichever guest owns the winning MVP player they win the loot.

    Make a list of the starting quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers for each team. Since quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers win MVP more than half the time they can be auctioned off individually, but we recommend auctioning each defensive/special teams unit as a package deal instead of trying to auction each individual defensive player (if anyone in the group wins MVP the guest wins). You should also auction off an everyone else card that covers any player not auctioned off, so if any non-auctioned player comes out of nowhere to win MVP you still have a winner of the prize pool.

    Your auction line up should include:

    – Starting quarterback from each team
    – Starting running back from each team
    – Second running back if the team splits carries (optional)
    – Both starting wide receivers from each team
    – The third wide receiver (optional)
    – Total defense and special team for each team
    – Everyone else

    In a rare situation you might have, for example, a wide receiver who also returns kicks wins the MVP. This could present a problem since two guests could own his rights (one as wide receiver, and one guest who owns the defensive/special teams “package deal”. If this happens make a judgment call as to if his play as a wide receiver or kick returner is the reason he won the MVP, if he excelled in both roles, split the money.